Celebration of traditional “Ronqueo de Atún Rojo de Almadraba”

Yesterday we had the privilege of enjoying live at Mercado de San Miguel a “Ronqueo” of bluefin tuna. It was carried out by the experts of Petaca Chicho, a company of great renown in the world of bluefin tuna.

Ronqueo is the art of tuna cutting, taking advantage of practically 100% of the fish. Specific cuts are made according to the fat content of each part, obtaining up to 27 different pieces; the morrillo is the most appreciated. Two expert “ronqueadores” were the architects using only knife and hook in a completely manual way.

We recreated a scenario that evoked the Cadiz coast and the almadraba technique, a fishing practice that dates back to Phoenician times. All visitors enjoyed a wide selection of delicacies and gastronomic creations inspired by the versatility of bluefin tuna, offered by our Tatun stand.