Pinkleton & Wine Tasting

We would like to share with you the incredible experience we had yesterday at our tasting, organised by Pinkleton & Wine.

We had the pleasure of tasting two exceptional wines:

  • Pazo de San Mauro 100% Albariño, with 6 months of bottling.
  • Champagne Ayala Nº16 100% Chardonnay, with 6 years of bottling.

To pair these delicacies, we have the exquisite proposal of Tatún and its wild red tuna from Almadraba:

  • Tarantelo Tataki for Pazo de San Mauro.
  • Tartar de descargado for Champagne Ayala Nº16.

The sommelier Miguel Granja, Brand Ambassador of Maison Ayala, guided us in a complete sensory experience, making us taste both wines through the five senses.