Daniel Sorlut

It was about 1930 When George Sorlut founded the Sorlut oyster house in a small fishing cabin. He used his own hands to dig out the salt ponds known as “claires” where oysters are finished and allowed to fatten.

Today, Daniel Sorlut oysters are recognized throughout the world. They are produced using a combination of traditional methods and modern production processes.

Their “savoir-faire” makes it possible for them to offer up to four types of oysters at their stand in the Mercado de San Miguel, each with a different flavor and texture: the Fine de Claire MO, the Spéciale de Claire MO, the Fine de Claire Label Rouge MO (green oyster) and the jewel in the crown, the Spéciale Daniel Sorlut.

Each day the oysters arrive at the market from their purification ponds, ensuring that they are as fresh as possible.

What’s more, at this same stand, you can try the most select caviar thanks to the world famous company Caviar Petrossian, boasting more than 95 years of experience. And to accompany both of these delicacies – oysters and caviar – Daniel Sorlut’s sommelier has chosen the perfect selection of fine wine and French champagne.


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