Support for Foundations at Mercado San Miguel

During March, at Mercado de San Miguel we wanted to show our support for the incredible work done by all the foundations. Therefore, we have carried out a unique action, designed to promote community growth and strengthen the links between these social organizations and our Market.

In these meetings, the foundations have had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the unique experience that our Market offers. During their visit, we showed them the different stands and allowed them to discover more about the products that make this place a gastronomic market of reference.

In addition, the experience did not finish with the end of the tour, at the end of each day we prepared a delicious breakfast from the hand of Madreamiga. Tasting iconic products of the brand, such as “churros with chocolate”, has been a delight that has left a sweet memory in each of our guests.

We are thrilled to have opened our doors and hearts to the following foundations: BOBATH, A LA PAR, NUMEN, UNBLOCK and Centro Educación Especial Hospital San Rafael.