‘The ingredient of Christmas, helping others’ Our solidary Christmas proposal

Due to the large influx of customers that we hope to receive these dates, we wanted to take our most supportive side and present ‘The ingredient of Christmas, helping others’. This is a social action that will allow our visitors to contribute to improving the lives of others, thanks to the collaboration of the Coral School of Madrid and the Esperanza y Alegría Foundation.

The main objective of this initiative is the implementation of a project aimed at the creation of a school orchard, in an area of India especially punished by unfavourable social circumstances, for the collection of fruits and vegetables with the direct involvement of children. And for this, we will coordinate the realization of a solidarity concert to raise funds with which to fund its implementation and guide and train in horticulture and gardening children in India to involve them and raise awareness about a balanced diet, nutritional value, environmental care and agriculture.

We expect you next Tuesday, December 13 at 19:00 hours in the concert that will offer the Little singers of the Choir School of Madrid. The concert can be enjoyed through all the screens distributed throughout the establishment. In addition, linked to this concert we have created a Row 0, coordinated through the platform Migranodearena.org, so that anyone interested in collaborating with this solidarity project can make their direct donation. 100% of the proceeds will go to this project in India.

We hope you all!