Yesterday we had at Mercado San Miguel the presentation of the third book of Rodrigo de la Calle, «Verdupedia, vegetal cooking to prepare at home».

The new book by Rodrigo de la Calle, known as «The Green Cook», with very simple vegetable recipes to prepare at home.

150 easy and affordable recipes that discover a whole new world of flavors and end the fear that many of us have, of vegetable cooking. The best recipes based on vegetables that the “green cook” prepares daily in his restaurant El Invernadero, specialized in vegetables.

In his already wide and successful career, Rodrigo de la Calle has marked a style based on a concept of his own, the gastrobotany, which combines cuisine and agriculture, and focuses culinary work on vegetable products from nearby orchards and on scarce or little-known products.

In total, the book offers 150 recipes with which to take advantage of vegetables as we would never have imagined, with cooking techniques mostly known and simple to turn vegetables and discover new and unknown flavors and textures. In addition, the content is divided into different sections according to the cooking techniques used, so that it is easier to find the right recipe for every moment, either for everyday life or for a special celebration.

“In your hands you have a book in which I have collected what I do every day in my restaurant but, above all, so that you can do it at home, very, very simply. And it’s nothing but vegetable food, plain and simple because we like it. Some of you may not have discovered them, but I assure you that you love vegetables and you do not know it -I am in charge of changing this- others do not know how to make the most of them, others want to eat healthier and others even want to lose weight. In the end, vegetables give us something that no other food gives us,” explains the author.