Crab Crab Crab

Do you love crab? Then you’ll really love Crab Crab Crab. Get to know the only spot in Madrid that is dedicated entirely to this prized delicacy. More specifically, we’re talking about the red king crab from the Arctic Ocean.

As you can see from its name, this variety is the king of crabs, owing to its large dimensions and the exquisite flavor of the meat, which is on par with that of the lobster.

There are not many places where you’ll find a menu made up of different types of king crab. Combined in seafood salads made with all kinds of algae whether marinated, macerated or in sauces to satisfy any palate – spicy, citrus and sweet-and-sour.

At Crab Crab Crab, you can also order your king crab legs in S, M, L or XL, with surimi, wakame, ginger, lumpfish roe and more. And they are served with three sauces of your choice, all made gluten free for your convenience.