Every day at Felixia, you’ll find a wide selection of fruits and vegetables, along with an impressive variety of organic and tropical produce.

Felixia provides you with a veritable culinary journey through an attractive offering of healthy options that bring together Asian and Mediterranean food in the form of warm bowls and cool salads. There’s something for every palate and trend, including several vegan dishes.

Avocado, lime, broccolini, wakame, hijiki, curried chick peas, 3-color quinoa, pink rice and blueberry-turmeric rice – these are just some of the ingredients you can combine to satisfy your unique tastes.

Felixia is much more than a green grocer, it’s a healthy spot where we work with the highest quality fruit so you can enjoy it at the perfect moment of ripeness. Try it here in the Mercado de San Miguel or take it home with you, either chopped to perfection, or pressed into one of the homemade juices we prepare for you daily.

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