La Hora del Vermut

At this popular spot in the Mercado de San Miguel, any time of day is a good time for vermouth.

Choose from a wide range of vermouths from different regions. And we’re not just talking about vermouth on tap here, like you usually find in Madrid. You can also find exquisite reserve vermouths (reds, whites and rosés) from Galicia, Córdoba, Reus, La Rioja, Madrid, Jerez, Zaragoza and more.

At La Hora del Vermut, you’ll also find a variety of pickled products, from their famous gordal olives stuffed with all kinds of ingredients to their skewers, traditional gilda peppers and other surprising products with more than 20 different dressings.

Most of the pickled products are gluten free, although some may contain traces of gluten given their placement within the market. The menu also includes vegan options like the tomato bomb, the veggie bomb and certain dressings.