La Hora del Vermut

The temple of the aperitif in Madrid. In La Hora del vermut you can find from 4 types of vermouth on tap, to a total of 80 vermouth references from all parts of Spain (Galicia, Cordoba, Reus, La Rioja, Madrid, Jerez, Zaragoza…) In addition to vermouth, in this stall you can also taste a wide variety of sangrias and cocktails. Do not leave without trying their famous Sangrías de San Miguel!

And to pair this traditional ritual, nothing better than to accompany it with its wide variety of banderillas, traditional gildas and more than 20 amazing olive dressings. Everything is handmade in their own workshop.

In addition to pickles, you can not miss its monographic of empanadas in the purest Argentinean style. Choose from the different doughs available: puff pastry, classic, gourmet or fried. And decide, if you can, among its more than 50 different types. Lamb in red wine, cochinita pibil, pizza, salmon and cheese, ratatouille and egg, among others. And for vegans, they also offer their special veggies, as well as a wide variety of 100% vegan pickles.

A real paradise for snack lovers!