Prrimital arrives at the San Miguel Market to be a national reference for carnivores.

Respect for the rural world and quality livestock tries to bring us back to sustainable consumption, where only the best pieces are chosen to ensure the animals live in peace. We are a gastronomic experience that brings you the fresh, artisan and local top quality product through a streetfood stand with the best national meat as the protagonist of its offer.

We want you to get your hands dirty and enjoy meats, burgers, and pepitos with the best flavor and texture. David Montes, a chef raised in the heart of the mountains and who has been discovering the environment and the deepest secrets of the world of meat for more than 25 years, will be in charge. Prrimital seeks to pull out our predatory instinct through ancestral rituals that bring us closer to the raw material in a primitive and natural way.

Come by our stand and taste the best CORTES of national and international beef and old cow meat, Galician breeds such as Cachena and Limiana; Portuguese breeds such as Barrosa and Minhota and the European Simmental.

Discarlux® is our official meat supplier, that’s why we only offer real, local, honest and quality meat.