Madreamiga by La Miguiña is the project that was born to mark a before and after in the concept of artisan bakery in Spain. Born from the union of three friends and dough lovers, in a year in which initiatives such as Food 4 Heroes have managed to build projects from the most unfavorable situations.

Madreamiga is the evolution of the renowned bakery founded by Begoña San Pedro in Madrid for which San Pedro herself brings all her knowledge and know-how, while Hugo Rodríguez de Prada (co-founder of the Neapolitan artisan pizzeria chain Grosso Napoletano) brings his know-how and strategic vision to evolve without losing the soul of a traditional concept. This union is born under the umbrella of the friendship that unites them and the shared passion for the artisan bakery that they now seek to transfer to an innovative and groundbreaking concept that stands out from all the clichés advocating the highest quality product and unique bites. The artisan taken to 2021 and loaded with many surprises.

Madreamiga is born in the context of the closing of 2020, a year that has shaken us all in many ways and that, in the case of San Pedro, has also meant an exciting opportunity with this alliance that takes up again the solid trajectory of La miguiña but with a view to a future marked by a strategy of exponential growth in which innovation, creativity and color will be key, leaving the best product as the protagonist.